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Amaterasu II

Following the symphonic piece Amaterasu premiered in September in Osaka Symphony Hall, Amaterasu II explore the same piece with the N’SO KYOTO format.
Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology is one of the major deities of Shinto.
The piece explores the similarities between the legend depicted in the Nihon-Shoki (712 AD) and in the Kojiki (720 AD) and the recent discoveries in Solar physics relative to the creation of the Sun.
Solar physics describe the creation of the sun in 3 steps: An initial fog of particles collapsing under the effect of gravitation;/ particles starting to agglomerate / and generating a first nuclear reaction that led to the birth of the sun.
The legend follows the same steps: Amaterasu’s brother, Susano provokes and infuriates Amaterasu until she hides and locks herself down into a cave; / the gods gather together, crafting many objects, / Amaterasu comes out of the cave to shine eternally.
In a spatialized performance, the two dancers, reflecting both sides (legend & physic) of this solar story rediscover the creation of the sun in sound and movement.
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