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 N'SO KYOTO is a Kyoto-based ensemble composed of musicians and artists from various artistic backgrounds.  
It reinvents the idea of "orchestra" and proposes immersive and multidimensional audio and visual performances. 
The name N'SO KYOTO (pronounced enso kyoto) 
These are the initials of New Sound Orchestra Kyoto, the name also evokes both the word えんそう, 演奏, enso which means musical performance in Japanese as well as the L'ensō (円相) ("circle", in Japanese) which is the symbol of harmony and completion in Zen Buddhism. 

Multi-dimensional performance
The performances by N'SO KYOTO feature spatialized musicians as well as dancers and video installations. N'SO KYOTO explores the various possibilities of sound immersion in order to develop new approaches to musical performance and listening. Concerts become journeys where visuals and sounds interact intimately. Through their performances, N'SO KYOTO moves the traditional boundaries between the audience and the stage, uniquely emphasizing the existence of the spaces they perform in.

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Gravitation, N’SO KYOTO 2020 Ace Hotel Kyoto © Showgo Westfield

Initiating new artistic languages and exploring new possibilities of expression
N'SO KYOTO combines acoustic and electroacoustic music, directed improvisation and written music.
The ensemble breaks down the genre boundaries that exist in language and artistic expression, including those between electronic and acoustic instruments. N'SO KYOTO endeavors to innovate and reinvent a new performance environment both on stage and also in the possibilities of immersive experiences offered by VR technologies.

Opening the borders between the genres
N'SO KYOTO brings together a Japanese and international team of eclectic artists. It is a space of experiment and openness that allows the encounter of personalities from different countries and artistic universes, from classical music to electro, through sound design, video, dance, poetry, etc... N'SO KYOTO innovates through the variety of its collaborations which creates a permanent emulsion of new ideas and contributes to the energy and creativity of the group. 

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Omote Ura, Rohm Theatre N'SO KYOTO 2020

Embodying the Kyoto artistic identity
NSO Kyoto is based in KYOTO and celebrates the diversity of Kyoto's artists as a unique source of creativity and inspiration. 
Through its values, N'SO KYOTO embodies the richness and creativity of the ancient capital and contributes to making Kyoto a cultural center and a unique platform for contemporary art.

N'SO KYOTO has a passion for science and scientific research.  
Their creations are inspired by theories which feed their artistic language.  N'SO KYOTO creates bridges between theoretical science and art. 
Through their performances, they intend to give life to abstract concepts and render the invisible into visible.

Active Members :

Yannick Paget : founder (musical director, composer and percussionist) 
Musicians : Mami Nakamura (clarinet); William Prunkl (Cello) 
Ryotaro (electronic accordion), etc.

Dancers: Kitamari, Hiroko Umetani, Yuki Goda, Kyoko Nomura, 
Hirokasu Maeda, Tomo Nakayama, etc.

Texts : Chris Mosdell  
Video creation and effects: Sagar Patel 
Cinematography: Alexandre Maubert
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electriCCity, N’SO KYOTO 2020 Nuit Blanche